Mineroc is used in an underground sub-level stoping mine in Chile.


  • Collection of data and generation of geotechnical data.
  • Back analysis of 20 open stopes.
  • Construction of an empirical data base for open-stopes design.
  • Definition of a design acceptability criteria for the local site conditions.
  • Adjustment of a new stability curve for the design process.


In the figure it is observed that, considering the local mining standards and operational practices, the new stability curve enables higher stope dimensions.


Impact on the design

The following example quantifies the impact of the new stability boundary on the design for a common stope of this particular mine. Using both the actual stability curve and the new stability boundary previously obtained, it is required to  design a 65 meters long stope, which its maximum permissible width will depend on the utilized curve.

It can be observed that the new stability boundary, which it has been developed considering the local site conditions and the operational standards, enables higher stope dimensions to be obtained. This result will reduce the mining costs which consequentially will increase the company profits.