New generation in stope design and performance software

Mineroc has been developed to support the design and planning processes in Sublevel Stoping mining. It provides different modules which allow new design tools to be generated, aiming at maximizing production while controlling dilution.

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  • Acquisition module: Management of geotechnical data.
  • Back analysis platform of open stopes: Assessment of performance parameters.
  • Database manager module: Development of own design tools.
  • Stope design module: Evaluation of stope’s dimensions based in own stability methods.

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Key Benefits:

  • Huge time savings in the assessment of performance parameters
  • Increase reliability in empirical design methods.
  • Data conciliation,using standardized tools to avoid inconsistencies.

  • Minimizing dilution, seeking to maintain the average grade of the stope

  • Optimization of the mining business, achieving optimal stope’s design dimensions and reducing operational interferences.

  • Increase of the security, reducing oversize and hazards to workers

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Key Features:

  • Storage relevant geotechnical data in just one platform.
  • Automatically calculate performance parameters.
  • Develop new design tools adapted to particular site conditions.
  • Design open stopes based in own design tools.

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